Anatomy of a Big Billy’s Burger

BEEF – Want to know why every restaurant in the state of South Carolina has a beef with Big Billy’s? We are the ONLY place that serves Certified Angus Beef® Brand Natural, meaning that it’s hormone and antibiotic free.The exclusivity alone will have your mouth watering.

BUN – Our buns are better than any you’ve ever put your hands around, because they’re made fresh daily by local artisans at nearby Saffron Bakery.

CHEESE – We slice every piece of cheese right off the block to guarantee freshness and melt-ability.We know you’ll be smiling ear to ear after your first bite, so say CHEESE please!

TOPPINGS – South Carolina born and raised is how we like it – burger toppings and owners alike. From juicy vine ripened tomatoes to crisp lettuce and sweet onions, we promise to bring you
produce straight from the South Carolina soil as often as possible.

KETCHUP – No need for our chef to catch up on any food trends, he’s ahead of this one. He spends his morning hand mixing our ketchup with five secret spices to flawlessly compliment each burger and every fry.

MUSTARD – Do you know why the word “must” is at the beginning of mustard? Because it is a burger must have. Especially ours, ground mustard seeds are blended daily in-house with the Bahama’s own Kalik beer.

MAYO – The garlic God’s have gifted Big Billy’s patrons with the most amazing homemade garlic mayonnaise. If you’ve ever questioned the need for mayo on a burger, question no more.